TV: MG7.1E Customer service mode

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Note: Most of this information also applies to other chassis' (eg. MG3.1E / MG3.2E / EM3E)

The customer service mode (CSM) shows the current settings of the TV. It is a 'read-only' menu; no changes can be made to the settings.

Entering customer service mode
Press the [MENU] button (TV) and the [MUTE] button (remote) simultaneously until the menu appears (takes about 4 seconds).
Alternative method: first press the TV-[MENU] for 4 seconds and then press REMOTE-[MUTE] until the menu appears.
Depending on the software you can also enter the Customer Service menu by pressing 1 2 3 6 5 4  using the standard remote control (thanks to Vsevolod Ilyin). Version 02581 does not seem to support this method.

The customer service mode menu consists of two pages:
  1 SW Version       MG31E11.8_02581
  2 Code 1           050 066 050 066 050
  3 Code 2           066 050 066
  4 LS Volume        0
  5 LS Brightness    32
  6 LS Contrast      26
  7 LS Colour        19
  8 LS Headphone     6
  9 Sharpness        5
 10 Dolby            Not present
 11 Surround Mode    3D Surround
 11a Tuner Frequency 751 MHz

 12 Rear Volume      5
 13 Centre Volume    5
 14 DNR              Maximum
 15 Noise Figure     42
 16 Digital Option   Natural Motion
 17 Colour System    Pal
 18 TV System        BG
 19 Audio System     Stereo
 20 Tuned bit        Off
 21 Speaker config.  full internal
 22 Digital sources  None

1  SW Version (Software version)
This shows the software information.
For a description, see Customer alignment mode.

2  Code 1
3  Code 2
These are the 10 last detected errors. The very last error detected is the first number on the Code 2 line.
For the error codes description, see Customer alignment mode.

4  LS Volume (Last set volume)
Currently set volume.
Range: 0..24

5  LS Brightness (Last set brightness)
Currently set brightness.
Range: 0..63

6  LS Contrast (Last set contrast)
Currently set contrast.
Range: 0..63

7  LS Colour (Last set colour)
Currently set colour.
Range: 0..63

8  LS Headphone (Last set headphone volume)
Currently set headphone volume.
Range: 0..24

9  Sharpness
Current sharpness.
Range: 0..7

If the Sharpness value is 3 or 4 and the Noise Figure is >127 then you might have to decrease the Sharpness.

10  Dolby
Indicates if the current selected channel transmits a Dolby signal.
Range: Present / Not present

11  Surround Mode
Currently set sound mode.
Range: 0 / Pro Logic / Dolby 3 Stereo / Hall / Off

11a Tuner Frequency
Currently set tuner frequency.

12  Rear Volume
Volume of the rear speakers (Surround Sound).
Range: 0..63

13  Centre Volume
Volume of the centre speaker.
Range: 0..63

14  DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction)
Setting of the Dynamic Noise Reduction.
Range: Off / Min / Med / Max

15  Noise Figure
The noise figure of the currently selected channel.
Range: 0..255 (0=good, 127=average, 255=bad)

If this value is >127 for different channels, you should check your reception/cabling.
If this value is >127 for selected channels, then you might have to decrease the Sharpness if the Sharpness is currently set to  3 or 4.

16  Digital Options
Selected digital mode.
Range: 100 Hz (only for 4:3 mode) / Digital Scan / Natural Motion

17  Colour System
The detected colour system of the currently selected channel.
Range: BW (black/white) / PAL / SECAM / NTSC

The Colour System and  Video System are related to each other and should indicate the same systems. If they do not it is usually indicated by incorrect colours and/or an incorrect picture. The following list shows some false combinations. These are due to an incorrect setting of the 'System' of the channel:
Colour System
TV System
Action ('Manual installation')
'System' should be set to 'West Europe'
'System' should be set to 'West Europe'
'System' should be set to 'USA'
'System' should be set to 'USA'
'System' should be set to 'France'
'System' should be set to 'France'

18  TV System
The detected video system of the currently selected channel.
Range: BG / DK / I (PAL-I) / L (SECAM-L) / M38.9 (NTSC-M with 38.9 MHz carrier) / MN (NTSC-M)

See Colour System for some remarks.

19  Audio System
The detected audio system of the currently selected channel.
Range: Sound muted / Dolby Pro Logic / Mono / Stereo / Dual I / Dual II / Digital Mono / Digital Stereo / Digital Dual I / Digital Dual II

20  Tuned bit
This shows the success (set to On while adjusting; set to Off when successful) for a manual selected frequency.
Range: On / Off

21  Speaker config. (speaker configuration)
The speaker configuration of the TV.
Range: 0 (no Dolby present) / Full internal / L/R external / Surround external / Full external

22  Digital Sources
The digital source setting.
Range: FRONT / EXT1 / EXT2 / NONE